Wednesday, January 4, 2012

jQuery filters out script elements

Sometimes you want to fetch new HTML content with AJAX. You then parse incoming html and insert it into the document:

$.get('/some-content', function(html) {

or just use the load() function as a short-cut:

$('body').load('/some-content #content');

The problem is, this doesn't execute any embedded script tags.
Actually, doing this:


you will get a jQuery set containing two elements, not one DOMElement as most people would expect!
The set will contain the original div as a DOMElement (with all its content except the script) and a script seprately, also as a DOMElement. If there were more scripts in the original unparsed string, you would get all script elements separately in the parsed set.

The workaround would be to execute all script elements manually if you do any DOM manipulation with the incoming HTML:

$.get('/some-content', function(html) {

Sad, but true...

Some more background info from comments on jQuery site:
All of jQuery's insertion methods use a domManip function internally to clean/process elements before and after they are inserted into the DOM. One of the things the domManip function does is pull out any script elements about to be inserted and run them through an "evalScript routine" rather than inject them with the rest of the DOM fragment. It inserts the scripts separately, evaluates them, and then removes them from the DOM.


Артём Курапов said...

Thats why I don't use inline script